About Page

Don Stevens is writer and web marketing specialist in the Finger Lakes area. He is a freelance writer and has worked with several wineries, and other businesses to help promote the Finger Lakes area. He has served on several regional boards, committees, and organizations, and has written several articles about the area. His passion for wine has kept him involved in an area noted as a top wine destination in the world by Wine Enthusiast. Writing is his other passion and there are many stories he has yet to tell. A real life gypsy, he worked the carnival circuit traveling the East Coast. While on the road, he read classic mysteries and was inspired to combine his passions to produce this series.

When he’s not writing fiction, Don is busy running Finger Lakes Copywriting and Merge Publishing. For leisure he enjoys wine tasting, painting, cooking, reviewing, and blogging.  He is also a contributor for Independent Book Publisher’s Association, board member of the Canandaigua Wine Trail, and is very active on social media. Don is married and lives in Syracuse, NY, where he is discovering new talent at the CNY Creative Writer’s Cafe.